Take The Steps To Go From Blogger To A Profitable Beauty Brand

Take The Steps To Go From Blogger To A Profitable Beauty Brand Like MakeupByAnna To Dose Of Colors

How Did She Do It?

Anna Petrosian, Also Known As MakeupByAnna Is One Of The Best Success Stories Of How A Beauty Blogger Has Transformed Into What Is Now A Top Beauty Brand. Her Makeup Artistry And Business Accomplishments Are Simply Extraordinary. Instagram Is The Premiere Social Media Platform For Those Who Love ALL THINGS BEAUTY, For Beauty Bloggers And For Makeup Artists. MakeupByAnna Has Showcased On Instagram Exceptional Makeup Looks To An Ever-Growing Audience Of Almost 2 Million Followers. She Has Transformed The MakeupByAnna Following Into A Beauty Brand Known Today As A Dose Of Colors.


Take The Steps To Go From Blogger To A Profitable Beauty Brand


Her Top 3 Reasons For Success

If You Want To Learn How To Take The Steps To Go From Blogger To A Profitable Beauty Brand.  There Are Three Top Reasons Why I Believe That MakeupByAnna Has Been So Successful In The Development And Growth Of Her Beauty Business.


A Unique And Unconventional Name

First, Her Brand Name Is Just So Unique That It Stands Out. Dose Of Colors Is An Unconventional Name That Speaks Of Her Mission To The Beauty World, Evokes Curiosity And Is Unlike Any Other. It Also Reflects Her Love For Art.


GLAM Home Décor With The My DREAM Beauty Room Planner


A Recognizable Brand Image That Reflects Her Philosophy

Second, Her Brand Image Is Represented By An Explosion Of Color That Is So Eye-Catching. What Does That Mean To The Beauty World? It Is Clear That Her Primary Product Line Of Sharp Purples And Rocking Shades Of Pink Go Against Traditional Lip Colors Of Simple Plums, Peaches Or Everyday Reds. MakeupByAnna Ventured Outside Of The Box Into An Area That Had Not Been Tapped Into When She Launched Dose Of Colors.  She Took On The Innovative Opportunity To Make Lipsticks That Explode With Color Onto The Face.  Now Bright, Bold Lipstick Colors Are A True Fashion Statement.



Start Simple, NOT BIG!

Third, She Started Her Beauty Business With ONE Product Line Instead Of Many.  Take Note From Her Example That If You Can Do One Thing And Do It Well, And Even Do It The Best, Then You Will Be Ahead Of The Curve. Today, What Started From One Solitary Product Line Of #MatteLipstick Has Now Expanded To Include Makeup Brushes, #Lashes, Eye Makeup And Others Products. As Of 2018, Her Makeup Can Be Purchased At #UltaBeauty Stores.


Stay Connected To Your Followers

Her Logo And Packaging Are Just Amazing. Dose Of Colors Have Become A Must Have For Many Other Top Beauty Bloggers And Makeup Artists. She Has Also Not Ceased To Be MakeupByAnna. Now #AnnaPetrosian Is #MakeupByAnna The Mentor, Entrepreneur, Founder And CEO Of Dose Of Colors.



Let Me Know In The Comments Below, What Is Your Favorite Must Have Product From A Dose Of Colors?


Want To Learn How You Can Get Started?

I Hope That You Have Found This Review To Be An Inspiration. It Is The First Of Many Reviews Of Beauty Bloggers Who Have Transformed Their Blog Into A Profitable Beauty Brand.  Are You Ready To Take The Steps To Go From #Blogger To A Profitable Beauty Brand Like MakeupByAnna  Of A #DoseOfColors And Learn The Step-By-Step Tools And Resources To Make Your Passion Your Paycheck?  Then, Join Or Global Beauty Community At The Beauty Room For How You Can Get Started.


Go From Blogger To Beauty Brand


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