SLMISSGLAM BEAUTY Is A Blogger To Beauty Brand Success Story




Stephanie Lewis is both a YouTube and Instagram Beauty Blogger who started her channel in 2013 after being inspired from watching her favorite Beauty Bloggers share their story and makeup artistry with others and now today she has over 200,000 Followers.  Today, SLMISSGLAM BEAUTY Is A Blogger To Beauty Brand Success Story that is known by her Followers for incredible posts and videos in Pink Beauty Room Décor, Makeup Organization and Makeup Artistry.


Stephanie knows the value of engaging her Followers by responding to every comment on her channel. It shows that she not only welcomes the feedback of her Followers, but that she values them as well.  When you think of SLMISSGLAM, you think PINK GIRLY GLAM.  Her love for the softest Girly PINK is reflected in every aspect of her channel.


SLMISSGLAM BEAUTY Is A Blogger To Beauty Brand Success Story that was launched in December 2014 under her social media namesake with a line of boutique makeup brushes and luxury lashes.   She involves her Followers in every step of her Beauty Brand through the use of Pop-Up Shops and other PINK GLAM Events.  SLMISSGLAM continues to share new PINK GLAM Beauty videos and posts to as she continues to inspire her Followers to love ALL THINGS PINK. ALL THINGS GIRLY GLAM.


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