Makeup Geek Is A Top Blogger To Beauty Brand Success Story



Marlena Stell of Makeup Geek Is A Top Blogger To Beauty Brand Success Story. She started on YouTube in 2008 doing makeup tutorials and giving candid reviews of beauty products.  She started her website and launched Makeup as her opportunity to live her passion of educating women about makeup.  She came to realize that many Beauty Brands offered simply more of the same products yet with a different label.  This inspired her to research her own cosmetic line in 2009.   Marlena wanted a line that was entirely her own creation.  And she was able to finance her company without the need of outside investors.  She used social media as the platform to interact with her Followers who soon became her first and most dedicated customers.


Her objective was to understand her buyers and what was missing from the Beauty World that she could position Makeup Geek as a Beauty Brand to fulfill.  She launched her brand with an eye shadow line that today has grown to include over 50 shades.  Makeup Geek was built solely and is maintained by social media marketing and its products are sold online directly to its Followers.  Marlena plans, develops and continues to grow her business with the intricate involvement of her Followers to crowdsource new products and ideas.


Makeup Geek Is A Top Blogger To Beauty Brand Success Story, because  it sets itself apart from other Beauty Brands with the unique relationship that it has with its buyers through the use of social media to educate them on the proper use of her makeup in order to achieve a variety of looks.  Before a new product is launched, Makeup Geek may hold a contest for the name of the new shade where the winner will receive a Free Gift from the product line.  The online community validates the need for a product and its brand presentation before it is put into production through the power of online engagement with her Followers.  This market strategy allows her buyers to experience brand ownership, because they are involved in every stage of the product cycle from the planning, to the development and ultimately to the launch of Makeup Geek products. This eliminates the guesswork, reduces the risk of product line expansion and helps to ensure the long-term and profitable growth of Makeup Greek as a formidable makeup brand first to its Followers and to the Beauty World.


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Makeup Geek Is A Top Blogger To Beauty Brand Success Story

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