Make Your #HappyPlace Your #SmartSpace With The New 2nd Generation Amazon Echo®

The New 2nd Generation Amazon Echo®

Be Sure To Make Your #HappyPlace Your #SmartSpace With The New 2nd Generation Amazon Echo®.  It Has A Lot Of New Features To Make Your Home A High Tech Environment.  There Is No Need to Type Anything. With The Amazon Echo®, You Only Need To Use Your Voice To Command Actions, Questions And Tasks For Every Aspect Of Your Home Lifestyle.


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The Amazon Echo® Has Intelligence

Make Your #HappyPlace Your #SmartSpace With The New 2nd Generation Amazon Echo® That Uses Tens Of Thousands Of Skills And Counting. Skills Add Even More Capabilities Like Ordering A Pizza From Domino’s, Requesting A Ride From Uber, Tracking Your Fitness With Fitbit, Controlling Your TV With Dish, And More. To Enable New Skills, Just Ask Alexa.





A Host Of New Features For A Smart Home

The New 2nd Generation Amazon Echo® Has A 2.5” Downward-Firing Woofer And 0.6” Tweeter Powered By Dolby To Deliver Crisp Vocals And Dynamic Bass Throughout The Room. Make Your #HappyPlace Your #SmartSpace With The New 2nd Generation #AmazonEcho®.  You Can Play Music From Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iheartradio, Tunein, And More. With Amazon Music, You Can Search By Lyrics, Time-Period, Or Let Alexa Pick The Music For You.


Make Your #HappyPlace Your #SmartSpace With The New 2nd Generation Amazon Echo®.  Set A Music Alarm To Wake Up To Your Favorite Song Or Playlist. You Can Also Listen To Audiobooks From Audible, Podcasts, Radio Stations, News Briefs, And More.



Use Echo To Switch On The Lamp Before Getting Out Of Bed, Turn On The Coffee Maker On Your Way To The Kitchen, Or Dim The Lights From The Couch To Watch A Movie—All Without Lifting A Finger.


Ask Alexa To Turn On The TV, Turn Up The Volume, Change The Channel, Or Play Your Favorite Movie. Echo Can Control Your #Amazon Fire TV And Select Devices From Sony, Dish, And Logitech.


Make Your #HappyPlace Your #SmartSpace With The New 2nd Generation Amazon Echo® As You Control Multiple Devices At Scheduled Times Or With A Single Voice Command, Like Locking The Doors And Turning Off The Lights When You Go To Bed. Echo Works With Lights, Locks, Switches, Thermostats, And More From Wemo, Philips Hue, Smartthings, insteon, Nest, ecobee, And Wink.


Your Amazon Echo® Works With Your Prime Membership

Get Even More From Your Echo Device With Prime And Enjoy Ad-Free Streaming Of Over 2 Million Songs With Prime Music.


You Can Also Order Millions Of Products Using Only Your Voice And Gain Access To Weekly Alexa Shopping Deals. All Voice Orders Include Fast, Free Shipping, And Alexa Can Even Track Your Delivery For You.


Make Your #HappyPlace Your #SmartSpace With The New 2nd Generation Amazon Echo®


The Amazon Echo® Can Do So Much More:

  • Echo (2nd Gen) Has A New Speaker, New Design, And Is Available In A Range Of Styles Including Fabrics And Wood Veneers. Echo Connects To Alexa To Play Music, Make Calls, Set Music Alarms And Timers, Ask Questions, Control Smart Home Devices, And More—Instantly.


  • Just Ask For A Song, Artist, Or Genre From Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, And More. With Multi-Room Music, You Can Play Music On Compatible Echo Devices In Different Rooms. Echo Can Also Play Audiobooks, Radio Stations, News Briefs, And More.


  • Call Or Message Almost Anyone Hands-Free With Your Echo Device. Also, Instantly Connect To Other Echo Devices In Your Home Using Just Your Voice.


  • New Speaker, Now With Dolby Processing For Crisp Vocals And Dynamic Bass Response. Echo Can Fill The Room With 360° Omnidirectional Audio.


  • With Seven Microphones, Beamforming Technology, And Noise Cancellation, Echo Hears You From Any Direction—Even While Music Is Playing.


  • Just Ask Alexa To Check Your Calendar, Weather, Traffic, And Sports Scores, Manage To-Do And Shopping Lists, Control Your Compatible Smart Lights, Thermostats, Garage Doors, Sprinklers, And More…


  • Alexa Is Always Getting Smarter And Adding New Features And Skills. Just Ask Alexa To Control Your TV, Request An Uber, Order A Pizza, And More…




The Amazon Echo® Makes Your Life Easier

Make Your #HappyPlace Your #SmartSpace With The New 2nd Generation Amazon Echo®. You Can Talk To Almost Anyone Hands-Free—No Tapping Or Searching Required. Use The Drop In Feature When You Want To Connect Instantly With Compatible Echo Devices In Your Home. For Example, You Can Ask Someone For Help With A Chore, Or Remind The Kids To Go To Sleep—Without Having To Raise Your Voice. With Alexa Announcements You Can Also Use Echo To Broadcast A Quick, One-Way Message To All Other Echo Devices In Your Home.

Making Calls With Alexa Is Easy. Your Contacts Will See Your Number When They Receive The Call So They Know Who Is Calling. Set Up Your Voice Profile And Teach Alexa To Recognize Your Voice. When You Say, “Alexa, Call Mom”, Alexa Will Call Your Mom, Even If You Have Multiple Users In Your Home. Additionally, You Can Send Messages Via Voice Or Text To Anyone With A Supported Echo Device Or The Alexa App.

New Skills Are Being Added All The Time. You Can Also See Ratings And Reviews To Learn What Other Customers Are Saying About The Thousands Of Skills Available In The Alexa App.


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