HUDA Kattan Is A GLOBAL Influencer

A GLOBAL Influencer


HUDA Kattan Is A GLOBAL Influencer when it comes to what’s HOT in the Beauty World. She started her blog, HudaBeauty in 2010.   She considers herself to be “super passionate” when it comes to beauty.  She was one of the first bloggers in Dubai to have a focus devoted solely to beauty.  She is a global makeup innovator when it comes to luxurious false lashes.  Even though she was born and raised in America, she calls her current address in Dubai Home.


Her lashes are a HOT ITEM and are the top selling lashes in the Middle East.   They are also the most talked about lash line on social media.  The brand packaging for her lashes says it all.  They are reminiscent of her renowned lash and eye makeup posts featured on her Instagram channel that now boasts more than 20 million followers.  Huda Kattan is known in the social media world as @HudaBeauty and launched her line of false lashes in 2013 under her social media namesake.  HUDA Kattan Is A GLOBAL Influencer where her lashes are a top seller in Sephora stores worldwide where Sephora’s Artemis Patrick, considers Huda Kattan a “global powerhouse influencer.”  Today, her line of lashes can be found on the shelves of Target stores as well.


In 2016 she expanded her line to include lip contour products and liquid matte lipsticks.  She has hosted in Dubai multiple Makeup Master classes attended by women from throughout the Middle East and Africa.   What started as a goal to become the most popular beauty blogger in the Middle Eastern world has grown to be one of the hottest selling brands of lashes worldwide.  HUDA Kattan Is A GLOBAL Influencer and HudaBeauty is a brand name that has become the preeminent beauty authority in the Middle East and soon around the world.


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HUDA Kattan Is A GLOBAL Influencer

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