GLAM Wall Décor That Will Transform Your DREAM Beauty Room

You want Glam Wall Décor that will transform your dream beauty room with a display of images and hanging fixtures that reflect your love for makeup, fashion, nails and ALL things beauty.  Your Wall Décor Collection should motivate your creativity and give your life daily inspiration.   Create a collection that reflects what you love, ignites your passion for beauty and who you aspire to become.


What do your walls say about you, your style and your dreams? Your Wall Décor should be a reflection of who you are and who you aspire to become.  Let’s take a look at some style ideas that will help you to transform your space into one that not only reflects your unique personality, but also ignites your creativity to Dream Big!


There are many forms of Wall Décor that can be used to showcase how you see yourself and the world around you.  Here is a look at the key categories that your Collection should not be without.


Affirmations & Quotes

Frame and display your favorite quotes, scriptures and other phrases that you want to live by.  Surround your space with reminders of what motivates you to keep focused, encourages you to persevere in hard times and of course helps you to DREAM BIG!




Memory Wall Of Family, Friends & Love Ones

Dedicate a wall to create a hanging photo album of those you love and who are close to your heart.  Allow your walls to be a place to host your fondest memories. Your collection does not have to be on your wall.   You can also hang a photo ‘clothes-line’ across your room or above your desk area.


Your Dream Wall

Create a display of photos, illustrations and words that speak to who you want to be. This category also includes images of your dream home, dream car and other images that display your long- and short-term goals.


Achievements & Goals

Have a special place to display your past achievements such as your degrees and certificates of participation.  An achievement wall will not only remind you of what you have accomplished, but it will also inspire you to continue to achieve new and even higher goals.


GLAM Wall Décor That Will Transform Your DREAM Beauty Room


Destination Wall Décor

Do not forget to create and enjoy a collection of photos, posters and illustrations of places you hope to travel like Paris, Brazil or the upcoming Olympic Games. You can also use a large wall map of the world with ‘golden’ pins on the places you want to visit and ‘silver’ pins on the places that you have already visited.


The possibilities are endless.  Just make sure that you make your collection your own. Do not be afraid to try something new and different, like adding 3D art to your walls or hanging fabrics [that is so GLAM].



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