GLAM Home Décor For Your Beauty Room

What will it take to upgrade Your Beauty Room into a place that you want to spend more and more time beyond just applying makeup or styling your hair?  Your Beauty Room should also be a place to relax and read your favorite book or magazine. It should also be a place where you are inspired to continue to grow and achieve higher goals. Let’s Take A Look At Some GLAM Home Décor For Your Beauty Room That You Can Incorporate Into Your Space To Make It More Of Your ‘WOMAN CAVE’.

The Chaise Lounge

GLAM Home Décor For Your Beauty Room With A Chaise Lounge
The Chaise Lounge


The Chaise Lounge will add instant GLAM to Your Beauty Room.  It is a great place to relax and unwind while reading your favorite book or magazine.  It is also a great place to take a sweet cat nap as well. If you are a Blogger, then use this type of seating to take GLAM photos in your outfit for the day or night.



The Floor Mirror

GLAM Home Décor For Your Beauty Room With A Floor Mirror
An Elegant Floor Mirror

If you are looking to bring an elegant flair to Your Beauty Room, then the addition of a X-Large Floor Mirror is a must. They will make your space look larger.  Having one of these beauties at your disposal will also help to ensure that you look your best before heading out of the door where you can see and approve of your completed look from head to toe.



Scented Candles

GLAM Home Décor For Your Beauty Room With Scented Candles
Scented Fragrant Candles


Candles provide a relaxing and romantic atmosphere for Your Beauty Room.  They will help to relax your mind, body and spirit.  The gentle dance of the flame provides a calming effect to the body and senses. Be sure to set aside a dedicated place for your favorite candle or a candle garden so that no matter where you are within your Beauty Room, you can always see and appreciate its radiance.

Scented candles are ideal, because they help to evoke certain emotions.  They ignite your sense of smell and that in-turn ignites your sense of well-being. Fragrance is so important to the body.  A perfect example is how good it feels to wake up to the smell of fresh brewing coffee in the morning. It makes you feel good and ready to start your day.  Scented candles have the same effect on the body. What scents and fragrances inspire you and motivate you to create?

I personally love any and ALL musk and amber scents.


Floor Lamps

GLAM Home Décor For Your Beauty Room With A Floor Lamp
Tall Floor Lamps


You do not have to be a person who regularly reads novels to appreciate the beauty and functionality of a Floor Lamp. Floor Lamps are tall, slender sculptures of Elegance.  They provide a great source of lighting. The use of extra soft light bulbs will allow them to give a soft glow. A Floor Lamp paired with a chaise lounge will make your space a great place to read your favorite book, magazine or draft your vision for the development of your own Beauty Brand.

The choice is yours. I hope I have given you some interesting ideas to consider in making your space one that you will desire to inhabit for more than the application of makeup. Use GLAM Home Décor such as those discussed above in order to enjoy your space to create, plan and achieve your never-ending goals and dreams.


What Do You Have In Your Beauty Room That Provides An Atmosphere For Spending Extensive Amounts Of Time?


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Next, we will continue this exciting discussion concerning additional elements for DREAM Beauty Room Design.  In the meantime, I would love to hear from you on what your Beauty Room cannot be without.  Are you having a hard time finding these items?  Let me know your thoughts, comments and feedback in the comments section down below.

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