GLAM BLING Lipstick Art That Is Ooh Soo Pretty In Pink

The Beauty Of Lipstick Art

Thanks To Top Beauty Bloggers On Instagram, GLAM BLING Lipstick Art That Is Ooh Soo Pretty In Pink Has Become A Work Of Art.  Lipstick Art Is A Growing Art Form On Instagram And Throughout Social Media. It Has Evolved Into One Of The Most Creative Makeup Designs Authored By Makeup Artists Today.  Lipstick Art Is More Than A Combination Of Different Shades Of Lipstick.


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Various Objects, Props And Other Items No Matter How Bizarre Are Used To Convey The Message Of The Artists.  Some Artists Focus On Movie And Animated Characters While Depicting Them In An Iconic Pictorial Scene.  Other Lipstick Artists Focus On Adding Gemstones And Other Glam Items To Their Look.  All This Take Place On The Canvas Of The Artist’s Lips.


Your Lips Become Your Canvas

Lipstick Artists Have Some Of The Highest Number Of Followers On Social Media, Because Their Work Is So Unique, Creative And Inspiring.  It Is Amazing To See All The Innovative Designs That One Can Accomplish With A Variety Of Lipstick, Lip Pencils, Glitter And Other General Objects.  The Lipstick Artist Is Able To Tell A Compelling Story Right Upon The Canvas Of The Lips.



Amazing Glam Lipstick Art That Is Just Pure BLING

Thanks To Social Media, Classic Makeup Looks Are Becoming A ‘Thing’ Of The Past.  Today There Are No Boundaries To The Creativity That You As A Makeup Artist Can Reach.  Anything Goes And Anything Is Possible.  Today Makeup Is Not Just About Color, But Also About Texture.  For Many Makeup Artists, Their Lip Is Now Their Canvas For Creating Amazing Visual Experiences.

For Me Personally, I Love, Love BLING!  I Live, I Eat And Sleep In BLING.  So When I Saw The Amazing Designs Of Many Of The Makeup Artists On Instagram, I Was So Amazed.  Look At The Work Of @Vladamua Who Makes GLAM BLING Lipstick Art That Is Ooh Soo Pretty In Pink.  Her Work And Attention To Detail Is Amazing. Her Work Is So Renown That She Has Hosted Art Gallery Showing Of Her Work.



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