A Hard Lesson For Me To Learn About What It Means To Be Successful

This Was A Hard Lesson For Me To Learn About What It Means To Be Successful

This Was A Hard Lesson For Me To Learn About What It Means To Be Successful.  One Of The Most Important Goals In Your Life Is To Feel Good About Yourself And To Believe That You Are Successful.  It Does Not Always Matter If Others Around You Recognize It Or Not. It Is More Important That YOU Know And Consider Yourself To Be A Successful Person.  And I Can Attest To The Fact That Money Alone Is Not Always An Indicator Of That.


What Makes You Feel Successful?

What Gives You The Confidence To Know That You Have The Ability To Do What You Have In Your Mind To Do? Success Comes From The Ability To Fulfill Your Dreams, To Be Where You Want To Be And To Do What You Love. Money Is A Big Part Of That, But It Definitely Is Not All That Matters. If That Were The Case, Then All The People Who Are Considered Upper Middle-Class Would Be Happy, Satisfied And Without A Care Or A Worry. We All Know That Is Far From True.


Confidence Defined

Success Is The Confident Ability To Know That You Can Do Anything That You Have Set Your Mind To. The Keyword Here Is ‘Confident’ And The Second Word Is ‘Ability’.  Does This Mean That Everything Must Go Your Way, Every Time And Without Any Problems Or Setbacks? A Hard Lesson For Me To Learn About What It Means To Be Successful.  No, Actually It Is Quite The Opposite. Instead, No Matter What Comes Up, You Will Have Access To The Tools And Resources To Find A Solution And Move Forward. The Truth Is There Is Always A Solution To Every Problem. So Do You Know How To Ask The Right Questions And Therefore Find The Most Appropriate Solutions To The Problems That You Are Facing.


CLICK To DOWNLOAD The Beauty Room Checklist For Your DREAM Beauty Room And Makeup Collection


A Resource To Help Guide You To The Right Solutions

The My Dream Beauty Room Planner Is A Step-By-Step Guide That Will Ask You The Right Questions. It Will Help You To Dig Deep Into What You Are Looking To Accomplish For Your Dream Beauty Room.

  • What Is The Objective For Your Beauty Space?
  • Based On Your Personal Style, What Aesthetic Are You Hoping To Accomplish?
  • What Will You Do Within Your Space On A Regular Basis.
  • If You Are A Blogger, Will You Need Space To Film Content For Your Channel?
  • Will You Share This Space With Your Significant Other Or Do You Have A Dedicated Room?
  • What Do You Already Have And What Are You Still In Need Of?



The Beauty Room Checklist Gave You An Overview Of What You Need To Get Started. Now, You Are Ready To Document The Steps To Make Your Dream Beauty Room A Reality.  You Must Address The Important Questions That Require Answers. Why?  It Is Not Just About How You Want Your Space To Look, But More Importantly What You Want Your Space To DO For You. You Will Begin To See Your Beauty Room As A Place That Will Inspire You To Reach Even Newer And Higher Goals.  The My Dream Beauty Room Planner Will Help You To Transform Your Space Into A Place To Dream And Create The Next Great Milestone Of Your Life And Career.


CLICK To Learn More About The My DREAM Beauty Room Planner Available On Amazon Or For Electronic Download


The Perfectly PINK LIPSTICK Beauty Room For Makeup Lovers


Make Your Space Your #HappyPlace

You Will Uncover The Solutions To Make Your Space A #HappyPlace, To Be Inspired And To Spend Quality Time As A Creative Artist, A Dreamer And An Entrepreneur. Will Your Space Be An Environment To Envision And Outline Your Business Plan For The Launch Of Your Beauty Brand Or Take An Existing One To A Whole New Level? Will Your Space Inspire You To Start A YouTube Channel Like Never Seen Before? The Possibilities Are Endless When Inspiration Abounds. Allow The My Dream Beauty Room Planner To Be A Tool And The Resource That You Need To Achieve Your Dreams And Goals Yet Imagined.


When Should You Get Started?

Now Is The Time To Create Your Unique Space. Take A Look At What Will Allow You Be That Unique Person That The World Has Never Known.  See Yourself As A Special Person Who Is Waiting To Get Out And Change The World For The Better. Yet, Before This Can Happen, A Change Must First Take Place Within You.


Today, Not Tomorrow And Definitely Not Next Year. 


So What Are You Waiting For? Your Time Is Today And The Time Is Now.


CLICK To Learn More About The My DREAM Beauty Room Planner Available On Amazon Or For Electronic Download



What Do You Want Your Beauty Room To Mean For You In The Accomplishment Of Your Goals?


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