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The ‘Dream Beauty Room Showcase’ is a series of reviews of the top beauty room designs from the best beauty bloggers on social media.  These designs exemplify what it means to make your space a creative one.  They also exhibit a unique and purposeful aesthetic  when it comes to organizing your beauty space into something that is to be experienced.  Where are you in the completion of your space? Does it truly reflect who you are and who you aspire to be?

The Beauty Room Design of @Susimakeup

An all-white design with a touch of grape, delicious purple.  Susana Betancourt is indeed a professional makeup artist.  Her posts on Instagram reflect her continuous work “on location” for her job as a makeup artist for models in preparation for their photo or video shoot.  She performs a lot of her work outside of her studio.  Therefore, she must be prepared on the go with everything needed for the job of the day. This includes anticipating the many things that could go wrong and to be prepared to successfully overcome those challenges without fail.  Back in her waterfront studio, she has a lot of open space.  It provides a calming and relaxing atmosphere for not only herself, but also for her clients.

When you invite clients, especially  new clients into your space, it not only has to reflect who you are as a professional artist, but the trust that you are hoping to instill within them.  They must feel confident about your services and relaxed within your atmosphere. For example, there can’t be any visible dirty makeup brushes or towels anywhere.  Just as importantly is the scent.  What do people smell when they walk into your space? Offensive odors of any kind are not an option.  Clients, especially new ones  must believe that your work space has been clean and sanitized just for them.  They need to be able to trust that the tools and makeup that you will be applying to their delicate skin is clean and will not cause rashes or an infection of any kind.

The Elements Of Design For @Susimakeup Studio

There are many elements of design that come together to make the @susimakeup studio a true winner when it comes to interior design.  The most important aspect is the workspace itself.  She, like so many other bloggers are using the famous Alex Drawers from IKEA®.  The desk top area is surrounded by chrome vanity makeup lighting.  I love, love the little white chandelier that hangs from the ceiling.  If you don’t have a chandelier, be sure to get one.  They are the epitome of sophistication.  The main element that  brings this design together is her GREAT use of space or should I say lack thereof.  She has big, open floors surrounded by big, open windows that invite the outdoors [the sunset] in.   Open space is one of the best design elements that one can incorporate.  She repeats this throughout her studio.  Her floors, her walls, and her work space are all uncluttered.  That in turn speaks of professional confidence when you require very little to do your job.  That says that I am a confident professional that you can trust.  What does your space say about you and your level of confidence?  What will your clients perceive of you when they walk into your space? Will they be ready and excited to be transformed? When they leave, what will they tell others about their experience?

Here is some of her latest work for celebrity model Priscilla Huggins Ortiz.  A makeup artist to the celebrities, @susimakeup provided the great makeup look for her look in Nick Jonas @ the video, “Good Thing.”

Good Thing with @nickjonas
The lovely Priscilla Huggins Ortiz @sheislovable_ with Nick Jonas @nickjonas for his new music video, “Good Thing”

Thank you @susimakeup for sharing your wonderful Dream Beauty Room design with the beauty community.  It inspires us of what we can do to accomplish great success as beauty professionals who are looking to create a uniquely, beautiful space for ourselves and our clients.

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