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WELCOME To The Beauty Room.  You have just arrived to a most exciting destination. A Beautyful World.com is so excited to invite you to be a part of a community for Makeup Lovers and Beauty Gurus who desire to fulfill a long-awaited desire to make their Dream Beauty Room a reality.
The Beauty Room is the place where you will find the essential elements, the tools and the inspiration to

  • Dream
  • Plan
  • Create

your Dream Beauty Room from start to finish and from design to completion.

As a subscriber to this creative community, you will receive on average two posts a week.

Here is a brief list for the Click For Lashes & Defined Brows Artistryfocus of this community:

  • A Showcase Of Beauty Rooms From Top Beauty Bloggers
  • Beauty Room Planning Tools & Tips
  • Beauty Room Decor Ideas 
  • DIY Room Decor And Tips That Will Save You Money
  • Links Of Where To Buy Hard To Find Items 
  • Exclusive Savings For Our Subscribers Only
  • Announcements And Links To Upcoming Beauty Industry Events
  • Inspiration, Inspiration, And More Inspiration………..


Your complete participation within this social community is strongly encouraged. Be sure to first download our E-Book, My Dream Beauty Room Planner. It is a digital planner that will help you to chart your journey to effectively plan and fulfill your Dream Beauty Room design goals.

A Beautyful World invites you to subscribe to The Beauty Room – A Blog whether your objective is to make or to upgrade your beauty space or if you simply want to help others on their journey. This is a community where we thrive as we work together. Your continued contribution, feedback and participation is welcomed and valued.


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Erika Nuñez

August 30, 2015at 2:34 pm

I’m interested in designing a very high end chiq & elegant beauty room

    The Beauty Room – A BLOG

    December 24, 2015at 7:02 pm

    That is the very nature of our business. Let us help you every step of the way


August 9, 2016at 2:59 pm

Do you deliver the makeup vanities to Ontario, Canada? How do I place an order? Price list?

    The Beauty Room – A BLOG

    August 9, 2016at 5:17 pm

    YES, We Will deliver World Wide when they are ready for shipment. We will notify you directly at that time.
    – A Beautyful World

Lucie Lavigne

December 15, 2016at 7:23 pm

Hi I m Lucie, I adore makeup, I ve been buying lots of it for years, so now I need to do something about it…
Right now I m just looking for ideas thats all, as I can see there is a lot to see on your site, which is pretty amazing. I have to say, I left a very nice comment in facebook where I live telling all the fabulous women about yout beautiful site, lets hope they join us, thank you…

    The Beauty Room – A BLOG

    December 16, 2016at 9:42 am

    Hello Lucie,

    Thanks for your GREAT Feedback. You are our kind of ‘GIRL’. Makeup Organization is our focus. So please be sure to join our community of makeup and beauty lovers. Our online course will launch at the end of this month and you will be notified when it does. You will learn and get inspired about how to upgrade and organize your Beauty Room and Makeup Collection. http://learn.beautybusinesslive.com/p/beauty-room-design-and-makeup-collection

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