The Beauty Room Subscription

It's Finally Here!

Are you like most makeup lovers who find it difficult to acquire the perfect organizers for your beauty and makeup collections for your Beauty Room?

Well, Look No More!

SUBSCRIBE to receive premium, top quality organizers and beauty room décor delivered right to your doorstep each month.  In every shipment, you will find a variety of gorgeous organizers that you can incorporate into your Beauty Room that cannot be readily found in stores.  

You will also receive décor to GLAM your Beauty Room. You will have the option to receive organizers for your makeup or jewelry collection or for both.  


Let Us Know Where We Can Notify You for upcoming shipments. Get ready to be a part of a subscription service that will help you to organize your Makeup & Beauty Room Collection like never before.

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ALL That Is Needed To GLAM Your Unique Beauty Room
With The Best In Makeup & Beauty Room Organization

“Our Mission Is Clear - To Help You Build An Elaborate & Well Organized
Custom Collection For Your Beauty Room With The Best Quality 
Makeup & Jewelry Organizers And Beauty Room Décor.”

Ann Perkins - The Beauty Room

Subscriber 4th Shipment BONUS

The Beauty Room will send Subscribers every 4 months any additional three items of choice that have been previously shipped.  That’s right you, the Subscriber will be able to receive a custom shipment for more of the items needed for your Beauty Room.  Choose any three items whether different or all the same in order to achieve your organizational goals. 

This will not happen just once, but with every 4th shipment for a total of three custom shipments in a calendar year.  It is our way of saying Thank You to our Subscribers and to ensure that you receive what is specifically needed for your organizational goals and Beauty Room Décor.  

Choose The Subscription That Is Best For Your Beauty Room

At The Beauty Room, we only want to provide what you specifically need for your beauty collection.  We know that quality makeup organizers are hard to find, but jewelry organizers are even more so.  This is not be the case for our Subscribers, if you choose to receive both makeup and jewelry shipments.  The first four shipments will be for makeup organization and décor and the next four shipments thereafter will be for jewelry organization. 

Yes, you will also have the option to customize your 4th Shipment with any three jewelry organizers of your choice from previous shipments. 

Subscribers can FREELY change their type of subscription to only makeup, only jewelry or to both makeup & jewelry at any time.

The Beauty Room Subscription FAQ's

When Will I Receive My First Shipment?
You will receive your first shipment 7-10 business days after your payment has been received. You will be notified of your shipment by email with your tracking information and expected delivery date.

When Will I Receive My Shipments Month-To-Month?
You will receive a ‘Subscription Shipment’ email every month on the anniversary of your subscription date or on the next business day when that date falls on a weekend.  The email will include your tracking information and expected delivery date for your shipment.
When Will My Credit Card Be Charged Each Month For My Subscription?
Your credit card will be charged 7-days prior to the ship date for your subscription.   For example, if your shipment date is on the 17th of every month [which is also your subscription sign-up anniversary date], then your card will be charged on the 10th of every month.

May I Cancel My Subscription At Any Time?
Yes, you may cancel your subscription no later than 10 days prior to your scheduled shipment date.

Suppose If I Want More Of A Particular Organizer?
Great, that is the objective of our subscription service.  Your monthly shipment will allow you to see a variety of organizers and décor that you will love for your Beauty Room.   As a dedicated subscriber, you will be able to choose ANY THREE additional items every four months.  This means that three times a year, you will be able to dictate what you need more of such as additional lipstick holders for your Beauty Room.

I Want Jewelry Organizers Too, When Will I Receive Those?
You will start to receive jewelry organizers with your 5th shipment after you have received your custom makeup shipment.  And like with the makeup organizers, you will be able to choose any three items you want to see more of by the 4th jewelry shipment.

Suppose If I Still Want More, Can I Purchase More Organizers?
Certainly. You may purchase any of the items at a great retail price.  As a Subscriber you will be able to receive volume discount prices on your purchases as well.  This is a deal you will not find online or at any store. Volume discounts are received when a quantity minimum for an item is purchased and the total sale for items are purchased at a discounted price.

Are The Organizers Made With High Quality Materials?
Yes, only the best.  This is why our organizers are not typically found in stores.  Only the highest quality materials are used for our organizers and décor. We guarantee and stand behind the quality of all our products. 

Will I Like What I Receive And Will It Fit My Beauty Room Decorum?
Absolutely. The items for this subscription service are designed to fit any decorum no matter how simple or bold your beauty room design.  You will receive items that will easily fit a variety of functions when it comes to organization.  This is why we offer you the option to receive more of the same items in the 4th shipment in order to accommodate large collections or to use the same item in a variety of ways.

Can I Find These Organizers At Local Stores?
Our organizers are not found in stores and are designed with our unique styles and made with the highest quality of material.

How Can I Speak To Someone About My Subscription?
You are free to contact us by email at any time at .


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