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Essie Woods

September 14, 2015at 9:03 am


I came across The Beauty Room while researching established beauty and educational organizations. I am teaming up with beauty schools and other cosmetology related organizations around the world to help increase information for students with cosmetology dreams. I can’t thank you and your associates enough for providing beauty information and resources for countless individuals!

I’m pleased to see you have a remarkable resource page located at thebeautyroom.abeautyfulworld.com/resources-links-2/. We’re dedicated to increasing the number of cosmetology school applicants and provide them with better info about the industry and our website provides up to date information relating to careers, schools, programs and scholarship opportunities, all for free. I believe any individual with cosmetology dreams deserves simple, accurate info about available schools and programs as well as quality content that will educate and ease the process of acquiring career goals. Do you mind including our organization CosmetologyGuide.com on your page as well?

I’d really appreciate your help. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Essie Woods
Cosmetology Guide


November 24, 2015at 11:32 am

Hi I would like to know where can I get that elegant vanity mirror you have posted here

    The Beauty Room – A BLOG

    November 24, 2015at 11:53 am

    Hello Sugeiry:

    Thanks for your inquiry. You will be able to get lighted Vanity Mirrors from us directly. We have your email address. You will therefore receive an email when they are available. VERY, very soon.

    – A Beautyful World

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