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Learn How To Host LIVE Makeup Seminars

Learn How To Host LIVE Makeup Seminars


DOWNLOAD ‘Learn How To Host LIVE Makeup Seminars’. 


Is it your goal as a Beauty Blogger to learn how to Host LIVE Makeup Seminars that educate and mentor other MUAs?  If so, we have just what you need to get started without the need for big Beauty Brand sponsorships.  As an educator and mentor to other MUAs, you will find that the more you teach, the more you will grow and cultivate your makeup skills in ways never imagined.  Your professional knowledge will expand into new areas as your level of expertise never ceases to grow before SOLD OUT audiences.  All you need to get started is a devoted following of makeup artists who would love to see a demonstration of your most creative skills and makeup styles in a LIVE setting.   It is our mission to provide you with the tools and resources that you will need to demonstrate invaluable content to a growing audience as you prepare to host your 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd seminar.  Online videos and makeup tutorials hosted on YouTube and Instagram have proven to be a great place to get started in makeup artistry.   These platforms have helped MUAs throughout the world learn countless new skills and techniques.  Now, many MUAs are ready to make their passion for makeup artistry their paycheck.  In order to master the techniques needed to grow a professional business, hands-on training can only be acquired from LIVE Makeup Seminars.  These seminars are the best place to meet and grow your network with other MUAs who are looking to grow their skills and business just like you.   LEARN TODAY what you will need to get started to host LIVE Makeup Seminars to other MUAs.   DOWNLOAD our resource guide to learn how to host LIVE Makeup Seminars and the answers to your most important questions about WHAT you need to know about this great opportunity to showcase your most innovative makeup skills and styles to your followers for the best hands-on training.

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Download Your Beauty Room Checklist

Blogger Beauty Room Checklist & Resource Guide


Your Beauty Room Defined With The Blogger Beauty Room Checklist & Resource Guide

It is your place to dream, to design, and to create.  It is a reflection of who you are and what you aspire to be.  The Blogger Beauty Room Checklist & Resource Guide will assist you to bring all the elements of your unique space from design to completion. It answers the questions, “What should I have? What do I still need?”  Ultimately, what will make the perfect beauty room for your best makeup look ever and a place just to be… YOU?

Your Beauty Room reflects how you see yourself and how you want others to see you.   At The Beauty Room, you will be a part of a global beauty community and partake of a journey to fulfill your dreams.  A journey without a map remains an idea, a thought, or a wish.   Makeup organization is more important than you think, because when you have everything organized and positioned for easy access, you can create a variety of looks for any occasion.  Documenting your goals and organizing your objectives will help you to practice your creativity in all its various forms. The possibilities are endless. Today a makeup artist, tomorrow a makeup instructor or a top beauty brand. Where does your journey begin?

The Blogger Beauty Room Checklist & Resource Guide is the first of many tips, tools and resources that will be provided.  It will give you an overview of what every beauty space should encompass.  Be sure to click the link below and join our global community and get access to Part Two Of The Blogger Beauty Room Checklist & Resource Guide.   If you have any questions about where to find any of the items listed, please do not hesitate to contact blog@abeautyfulworld.com.  We welcome your comments, questions and valued feedback.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD The Blogger Beauty Room Checklist & Resource Guide today
Download The Blogger Beauty Room Checklist & Resource Guide

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Transform Your Blog Into A Beauty Brand

Go From Blogger To Beauty Brand


Go From Blogger To Beauty Brand

Like MakeupByAnna To Dose Of Colors

MakeupByAnna is one of the best success stories of how a Beauty Blogger has transformed into what is now a Top Beauty Brand. Her makeup artistry and business accomplishments are simply extraordinary. Instagram is the premiere social media platform for those who love ALL THINGS BEAUTY, for Beauty Bloggers and for Makeup Artists. MakeupByAnna has showcased on Instagram exceptional makeup looks to an ever-growing audience of almost 2 million followers. She has transformed the MakeupByAnna following into a beauty brand known today as a Dose Of Colors.

There are three top reasons why I believe that MakeupByAnna has been so successful in the development and growth of her beauty business. First, her brand name is just so unique that it stands out. Dose of Colors is an unconventional name that speaks of her mission to the beauty world, evokes curiosity and is unlike any other. It also reflects her love for art. Second, her brand image is represented by an explosion of color that is so eye catching. What does that mean to the beauty world? It is clear that her primary product line of sharp purples and rocking shades of pink go against traditional lip colors of simple plums, peaches or everyday reds. MakeupByAnna ventured outside of the box into an area that had not been tapped into when she launched Dose Of Colors.  She took on the innovative opportunity to make lipsticks that explode with color onto the face.  Now bright, bold lipstick colors are a true fashion statement.  The last thing that I want to mention is that she started her beauty business with ONE product line instead of many.

Take note from her example that if you can do one thing and do it well, and even do it the best, then you will be ahead of the curve. Today, what started from one solitary product line has now expanded to include makeup brushes, lashes, eye makeup and others products. Her logo and packaging are just amazing. Dose Of Colors have become a must have for many other top beauty bloggers and makeup artists. She has also not ceased to be MakeupByAnna. Now she is MakeupByAnna the Mentor, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Dose Of Colors.

Let me know in the comments below, What is your favorite must have product from A Dose Of Colors?

I hope that you have found this review to be an inspiration. It is the first of many reviews of Beauty Bloggers who have transformed their Blog into a profitable Beauty Brand.  Are you ready to go from Blogger To Beauty Brand like MakeupByAnna  Of A Dose Of Colors and learn the step-by-step tools and resources to make your passion your paycheck?  If you want to learn more about what a profitable Beauty Brand can mean for you, your vision, and your business, then do not hesitate to CLICK THE LINK BELOW to get started and take the steps to go from Blogger To Beauty Brand.

Go From Blogger To Beauty Brand

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The Lash Tool Kit

The Lash Artist Tool Kit For Those Who Love Lashes


The Lash Artist Tool Kit For Those Who Love Lashes And ALL THINGS BEAUTY.

Do you love, love lashes? Are you a beginner or are you a seasoned pro who is looking to build and grow a client base?  Today, lashes are the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry. Why, because of one word, GLAM!  Lashes can simply glam any look whether for work, play, one’s wedding day or for a night on the town. Lashes can take a women’s outer look and confidence to the next level.  This is not the case if false lashes look unnatural or feathery.  Lashes are something that every woman wants, yet not everyone can apply them with both confidence and ease.  A lucrative client base awaits the makeup artist who can master the application of false lashes according to the desired look the client wants to achieve.  There are a variety of lash styles from simple elegance to the dramatic.  No matter the style, lashes should be applied with a skill that blends them seamlessly with the natural lash line.  They should be comfortable, look and feel natural and should last the entire day into the night.  Accomplishing these objectives requires the right tools whether you are applying them to yourself or onto a client.   Get The Lash Artist Tool Kit For Those Who Love Lashes to learn What tools are needed for successful strip lash application and skill mastery.  It is what every makeup artist & beauty blogger needs to master the art of applying false lashes & to build a great client base. Keep in mind that lash extensions require additional skills, techniques and safety considerations that are discussed in another session.

Click The Link Below To Download The Lash Artist Tool Kit For Those Who Love Lashes and for makeup artists to master how to seamlessly apply false lashes each and every time.
Download The Lash Artist Tool Kit For Those Who Love Lashes